Tokens in block chain ecosystem refer to any type of asset that can be exchanged and transmitted digitally between individuals. In other words, in the most basic case, it can be said that the token creates value that an organization has provided. If we connect the concept of crypto currencies, we should add that the value of the tokens is accepted by the group and is also supported in the block chain network. Startups and organizations create tokens as part of their business strategy to increase user engagement. Therefore, tokens are often used to raise initial capital, and Buy tokens online will be available to users in the ICO initial public offering (ICO) process.

Types of tokens to buy

Startups usually offer tokens so that investors Buy tokens online thus raise the necessary capital to implement the project. These tokens can have special features and applications and can be used in different ways; but in general, tokens can be classified into four categories according to the guidelines of FINMA, the Swiss financial regulator.

  1. valuable Token;
  2. Utility Token;
  3. Payment Token;
  4. Equity Tokens.

Security Tokens to buy online

A token is like an equities; because its value comes from assets other than itself and they operate under the supervision of government agencies and follow the explained laws. Therefore, if the company fails to fulfill its promises and fails to implement the project, the legal authorities will follow it. These tokens have a lot of safe margin in terms of investment.

The Easiest Crypto Payment Method

Utility Tokens to buy online

Utility Tokens are not similar to buy equities and participating in company profits and losses. The owner of Utility Tokens will benefit from the company’s services and products in proportion to the amount of tokens that he/she has in the future. In addition, another difference between these tokens and equity tokens is that they follow the rules that depend on their design. In fact, utility tokens can be exempt from the rules for securities tokens.

Payment tokens to buy tokens online

Payment tokens have no function other than payment for products or services, and users can buy tokens online on the Internet. The value of these tokens does not fluctuate and they will often have the same value.

How to buy tokens online

Before you begin, you need to decide what block chain you want to use for your NFT (Irrevocable tokens). Ethereum Block chain is currently the leading NFT export platform. However, there are many block chains.

Since Ethereum has the largest NFT ecosystem, you will need the following to create your NFT artwork, music, or video in Ethereum:

-Ethereum Wallet that supports ERC-721 tokens (standard Ethereum -based NFT tokens-About $ 50-100

With the above items now you have to choose your platform. There are several NFT-based platforms for doing so, allowing you to connect your wallet and upload your selected image or file in NFT format.

Major Ethereum -based NFT markets include:





To Buy tokens online Click on create to get started. With this click, you will be taken to a page that asks you to link your wallet. By entering your password, your wallet will be automatically connected to this market.

The next step in this platform is selecting my collections in the create tab in the right corner of the page.

If you are satisfied with the price of the dollar, click on the phrase BUY NOW. After this step, you will be asked to log in to your wallet, click on Sign in and finally enter your user information.

Clicking this button will open a window asking you to upload your desired artwork and enter a name and description for it. Note that in this step you are simply creating a folder to move your artwork into.

After this process, your selected file will be displayed. Then, by clicking on the pencil icon, select a banner for your page.

Now you can create your first NFT. Click Add New Item to create this. You can upload an image, audio file, gif or a 3D model in the opened window. While buy tokens online on a platform like OpenSea is completely free, other platforms may charge you.

If you are planning to buy NFT, you can go to one of the following markets: OpenSea,frodotech,  Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, Foundation, Axie Marketplace, BakerySwap, NFT ShowRoom, and VIV3.

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