Frodo Payment Gateway

Fast, Secure and Easy to Use

The main business of Frodo Tech is to provide a fast, secure, and easy to use payment system.
FPG can work similarly to an IPG (internet payment gateway), which can be added to your business to handle payment systems. The FPG does not require the complex type of KYC, and the registration is done in a few steps.

In FPG, users can transfer different types of crypto and are not limited to the traditional payment systems. In the FPG system, transaction speed is much higher than with a traditional IPG because there is no third party to confirm the transactions, and the process is done from wallet to wallet.

Every Frodo user can use our FPG system without any limitation of resource or company registration and so on. FPG is open-source and under MIT license, and there is no charging fee or setup fee.

How FPG Works?

The FPG include solutions for various platforms, like integration with e-commerce platforms
like Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.; for payment through in-store point-of-sale (POS) systems, like Soft Touch and DC POS; and for direct payments from within the popular billing and accounting solutions, like Host Bill and Invoice Ninja. The FPG can also accept donations in cryptocurrencies through such services, including integration with donor services like NationBuilder and Targeted Victory. App developers can find ready-made functions and code libraries in Android SDK and iOS SDK. In addition, programming languages like Java, Perl, and PHP enable them to accept Bitcoin payments through their apps and portals.

Once the user clicks on the order checkout, the web browser encrypts all the payment details and sends them to the merchant’s webserver through an SSL connection. The processing time is very fast, and the API has a call-back function and returns the payment details, and whether it was successful or not. An unsuccessful return either means the buyer did not have enough liquidity or rejected the transaction. The merchant wallet will immediately charge once the process of payment is done.

FPG platform is anonymity. The customer buying pattern is a major threat to customer privacy. With anonymity in place, the buyers can be assured of their privacy. Anonymity is also an excellent advantage for vendors who sell digital products.